Oh man, this is exciting to be able to share with you.

The other day I stumbled across a solid home rehabilitation plan for dealing with rotator cuff pain.  It was released by Certified Professional Fitness Trainer (CPFT), Mark Watson, and is called the Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit.

Mark has had a lot of experience working with injured rotator cuffs.  Instead of having to pay him, or someone else, heavy prices for physical therapy, he has made this information available to the public in easily digestible chunks.

What most people don’t realize is that the bulk of rotator cuff injuries can be dealt with non-surgically.  This is a critical fact as surgeries are not only expensive, but they require some serious downtime to recover.  Often this time period is just as uncomfortable, if not more so, than the injury itself was.  Also, surgeries don’t address the underlying weaknesses that lead to the injury in the first place, so recurrences are possible.

In this toolkit you’ll find:

  • How to seriously reduce rotator cuff pain within 48 hours and cure the problem entirely within 30 days.
  • A blueprint to rotator cuff pain relief that only takes 5 minutes every other day and can be done with household equipment.
  • How to not only stop the pain, but strengthen your shoulder to prevent recurrences.
  • 12 little-known advanced exercises that help greatly accelerate your shoulder’s healing time and increase your range of motion fast.
  • Thousands of dollars worth of savings by avoiding cortisone injections, creams, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and surgeries.
  • The confidence to get back to your normal routine or even to start up activities that you thought you couldn’t do anymore.

What Stands Out About The Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit?

There are a few similar guides out there, but what makes this one stand out is the videos.

It comes with over 40 instructional videos.  In my opinion, that’s huge.  Most similar guides give you the theory and then the pictures of the exercises and stretches only.  While this can work, it depends on your style and can be very impersonal.  The videos can also be conveniently played on most mobile devices.

Check out the Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit and drop back by and leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about how it helped you.

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Rico Angeletti

When you have rotator cuff pain, you don’t feel like doing much. Even simple tasks can be such an overwhelming chore. As a result, most rehabilitation programs are challenging to say the least. And the harder they are, the less likely you are to stick with them to be able to get them to work for you. But I’ve stumbled across a program that can completely eliminate your rotator cuff pain in only a few minutes per day. It’s called “Shoulder Pain No More” by former sufferer of shoulder pain, Joe Brent.

This guide gives you exactly what you need to put rotator cuff pain behind you for good, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief Guide1.Quick diagnosis- Learn what kind of rotator cuff pain you have quickly. When you know exactly what you have you can pinpoint the fastest pathway to recovery without any wasted effort. Your treatment options for each problem will then be covered.

2. Rapid Recovery- This is a two-pronged approach of stretching and exercise.

A.  Stretching reduces stiffness and increases range of motion. When you stretch you also improve blood flow to an area, jumpstarting the healing process. You’ll learn the exact stretches to target your problem area.

B.  Most people avoid exercise when they are sore, but when done in the proper manner it can actually improve your recovery time. You’ll learn which exercises you need to do and the exact weight you should be using to help end your rotator cuff pain. The wrong form or amount of weight will either do little to help you or make the injury worse.

3. Prevention- There are all too common mistakes that lead to rotator cuff and shoulder injuries. These behaviors are like ticking time bombs for a recurrence of the injury if not altered. You’ll learn how to strengthen the muscles and joints so this problem won’t plague you ever again. Your rotator cuffs won’t stand up to bullets, but most anything you could throw at them during the day should be fine.


Requirements and Notes for This Rotator Cuff Pain Relief Guide

You can put this guide to use at home with no special equipment. You do need some sort of weight to use as you progress, but Joe says that this can be covered by a bag of sugar if you have nothing else. You don’t need a lot of weight to work the rotator cuff.

It offers a complete solution for any shoulder pain you may be experiencing that does not require surgical intervention. Most any injury that didn’t leave you bawling like a baby should be covered, but it is important to know which is which. Despite the guide being doctor-recommended, a visit to the doctor is always a good place to start. But, if you’re not ready for that, this rotator cuff pain relief guide can teach you how to diagnose what type of pain you are experiencing.